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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


At Survival 101 school, we heard piles of terrific stories, one happy one in which an unassuming, but industrious little lady, having gone down in white-out conditions in her Sesna on the way to a Girl Scout jamboree, drew a huge and successful distress signal in the snow with Kool-Ade.

Another was a morbid nugget of physiological trivia. Did you know that, when a person freezes to death, in the last moments, when all the blood has retreated to the core in a last ditch effort to surround and protect the heart and brain, in a sudden and final flash, all heat is suddently released giving the sensation of being on fire and the victim leaps up and runs around tearing off his clothes. People would be found half naked and dead. Rape or some horrible molestation was suspected until more was learned about the physiology of hypothermia and this stage is now called "paradoxical undressing."

Gosh. Makes me shiver just to think.


At 10:20 PM, Blogger kt said...


It was in the 90s today here in Arizona and I am knitting hats made of wool that was grown, sheared and spun on Prince Edward Island (sent to me by a nice pharmacist in Nova Scotia) to send to cold people in Mongolia.

Maybe I should send some to you two, too?


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